About Us

Historically, minority and women-owned startups have been underfunded and unrepresented when raising capital for their venture. The biggest problem that minorities face is ACCESS and that is access to Capital and Resources.

Why Us?

3 Reasons Why

We are a minority team that understand our target market. 



We are committed to helping our founders meet their goals for success. 

We drive success through teamwork, transparency, and accountability.


“If There Is No Struggle, There Is No Progress.”

Why We Started

Crowd WallStreet is a crowdfunding platform that was founded to empower minority Founders & Investors. We understand the challenges that minorities face in the startup and investing world and we created a platform with aspirations and provided the tools necessary to overcome the barriers when striving to raise capital. 

Crowd WallStreet is big on education! We will educate and empower not only our founders but also our Crowd Backers and Crowd Investors. 

Meet The Founders

Tavaris l. Williams

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Jamsky French

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Managing Partners

Shanta L. Hereford

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Kathy Mckinstry

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