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Regulation Crowdfunding securities are speculative, illiquid, and carry a high degree of risk, including the loss of your entire investment.

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Crowdfunding is a collaborative funding model that lets you collect small contributions from many individuals. This has allowed businesses to gain more access to needed capital for their startup. 


Bridging Founders To Capital & Community

Crowd WallStreet is a Community-Driven Platform which relies extensively on community support that builds deeper customer involvement.


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Investment Crowdfunding 

For decades, only the wealthy investors had access to invest and benefit from high-growth companies at the earliest stages and cashing out upon IPO which is where retail investors get in "at the end". 

Now with the passing of the JOBS Act of 2012, retail investors, especially minorities, are allow to participate in gaining access to private markets.

Flexibility On Your Terms

Once you’re approved to raise capital, you can then decide on your terms (the type of security you want to sell and how much you want to raise.

State-Of-The-Art Platform

Crowd WallStreet comprehensive, robust platform has been built to support "Reg CF" in its entirety. Our platform facilitates the process of closing investments from thousands of investors by verifying investor identities, performing anti-money-laundering checks on investors, facilitating investment document execution, funds transfer and regulatory compliance.

Vetted Investments

Every investment must pass our comprehensive due diligence process.


Our platform allows investors to diversify their investments between startups, growth companies and real estate.