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Apartment Building

A New Way To Invest In Commercial Real Estate

More Access!

With modern technology, Real Estate has became more accessible. You are able to gain access to large-scale private market CRE real estate investments without investing millions of dollars. 

Who Are involved? 


Invest in projects in exchange for a share of any profits. This can be income distributions and/or a proportional payout from a sale.


The individual or company that identifies, plans, and oversees the investment.

Crowd WallStreet

Where the sponsor finds investors to raise the necessary capital for their project.

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1. Sponsor(s) Review

Our Real Estate Team will analyze the real estate company or individual who will be acquiring the real estate deal. This is to not only protect our company integrity but to also protect our investors. 

We look at the following:

  • Background

  • Experience 

  • References (if any)


2. Property Review

We will look at the quality of the investment. The market of the asset is important when determining whether it is a good investment. We will also review the business plan or capital expenditure plan. 

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3. Deal Review

One of the things our Real Estate Committee team looks at is your Operating Agreement the explains the legal structure. They will also review any fees and expenses associated with the deal.