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The Journey

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How Can I Back A Company?

1. You must first create an account in the "Deal Room". This will give you access to back projects that you want to support. 2. View Offerings,select a project you’d like to support and click the yellow “Invest” button on the page. 3. On the next page, you will confirm your identity and make sure all your information is correct. 4. Then you’ll be prompted to enter your payment details and you’ll be all set! You should receive a confirmation email to confirm that you are now a backer of the project.

Are Rewards Guaranteed?

Crowd WallStreet can not guarantee that projects will succeed or that rewards will be delivered or deemed satisfactory. When getting in on an early-stage project, there is a risk that the project may experiences changes, delays, unforeseen challenges, and possibility the project may not come to fruition. It is important to do your due diligence on a project before backing it. Crowd WallStreet will do our best to monitor each campaign to ensure each founder is keeping their community updated about their progress.

Crowdfunding 101

What Is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is an alternative way for entrepreneurs and creative thinkers to get funding. It is the pooling together of small amounts of money from a group of people that supports the same vision and mission of a project.

Rewards vs Equity Crowdfunding

We explained Rewards Crowdfunding above. Equity Crowdfunding is when investors receives ownership in the company in return for their investment. Entreprenurs may choose Rewards in the early stage of their startup to prevent giving up equity too early.

What is Rewards-Based Crowdfunding

Rewards-based (pre-seed or seed) crowdfunding is a type of small-business financing in which entrepreneurs recieve financial contributions from backers in return for a product or service. *It is important to understand that backing a campaign and receiving a reward are not the same as buying an product online. When you back a crowdfunding campaign keep in mind you are helping a work-in-progress project. Most of the products or services are still in development stage.

Understanding Product Phases

Phase 1: Concept - Entrepreneurs have an idea for a physical product that they are planning to create. We require entreprenurs to have mock-ups or 3D renderings that demonstrate the product’s appearance for us to approve their campaign. Phase 2: Prototype - Here, Entrepreneurs will have working version of their physical product that successfully demonstrates the key features and functionality of the final product. Phase 3: Production - The entrepreneur is currently producing this product for backers Phase 4: Shipping - This is where the final product have begun shipping to backers. Crowd WallStreet reviews everything listed on the campaign page to ensure the campaign has adequate information.

Evaluate Campaigns

Your Due Diligence

Who are the team? - Who are they? - Why are they raising money? - What is their background and experience? - Does the campaigner appear in the campaign’s video? - Are external links included (websites, social media, news/media coverage, etc.)? The pitch should be clear, transparent, and reflect the team’s passion. Does the entreprenur gives updates? - The “Updates” tab is used by entreprenur to keep you informed on the progress on their progress. **If you see a campaign that you believe to be in violation of our Terms of Use, you can inform us immediately by emailing our support team

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