What Is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding provides an online marketplace that matches small and medium-sized firms needing to raise capital with individuals looking to invest in promising new Products, Services and Real Estate.

Raise Capital
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Here at Crowd WallStreet, we not only see crowdfunding as an alternative way for companies to gain access to capital but also an opportunity for minorities to participate in a wealth building platform that has never been presented to us in history. This wasn’t always an available option due to strict securities regulations. 

In 2012, the JOBS Act was created to ease securities regulations and to opened up the private funding of U.S. small businesses. As the JOBS Act continued to evolve, it allowed more investors, especially minority investors to participate in equity contributions to private companies. Before, you had to be a wealthy and an Accredited Investor to participate in these type of investments. The JOBS Act has made it possible for all investors, accredited or not, to invest in certain private offerings right here on Crowd WallStreet.

Types of Crowdfunding

Like any marketing or fundraising campaign, it requires a sound strategy and a solid execution. Crowdfunding is an alterative option for startups who need to build both brand awareness and capital. There are different types of crowdfunding that you can do based on the stage of your company and your strategy. 



Great for early stage startups, real estate and emerging technology companies.

Raise Limit

$5 Milllion

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Best suited for Growth Stage companies that have proven product market fit and traction.

Raise Limit

$75 Million

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Regulation D offerings are private raises, making them available only to accredited investors and limited to retail investors.

Raise Limit


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